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Did you know wars are fought by 19 year olds? During a recent WPF Leadership Meeting aboard the USS Midway, an aircraft carrier that was launched during WWII and served through Desert Storm, we were given the amazing fact that the average age of those who served on that ship was nineteen.
Though it is not the fastest growing church in North America or the world, the Mormons have grown primarily due to the active involvement of some 50,000 young people who volunteer to go at their own expense on a mission that lasts 2 years for the young men and 18 months for the young women. They have a strict dress code and a tough schedule. They must work 16 hours per day, 6 days per week. They are only allowed two phone calls home per year. The Mormons do not have the TRUTH! They do not have the POWER! They do have willing young people and they have a plan.
I refuse to believe that Apostolic young people have less desire or willingness than Mormon youth. What we have lacked is a plan.
Apostolics have the TRUTH! Apostolics have the POWER of the HOLY GHOST! Apostolics have willing young people and NOW WE HAVE A PLAN! Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship HOPE CORPS!
From the hearts of burdened and believing pastors to the hearts of energetic and excited young people passes an initiative that will rock the world.
Hope Corps is a means of advancing the kingdom of God through involving Apostolic young people, singles, couples and retirees in meaningful kingdom building activities globally.
Eventually a person’s education, experience and abilities can be harnessed and directed to areas in the world where they may have an impact on God’s kingdom and allow the individual to be personally involved in short term missions projects. Involving trustworthy saints in this type of work, with the approval and oversight of their pastor, will bless the kingdom of God locally and globally, bring a sense of fulfillment to the individual, and create a more Kingdom minded congregation.
The logical place for such a plan to begin is with young people. There is a constant supply of young men and women graduating from high school with great hopes for their future. Young people are looking for direction in their life. Many high school grads take a ‘gap year’ to travel or be involved in charitable work before they settle into an occupation or go on to post secondary education. Jesus said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness…”

ethos (noun): the fundamental and distinctive character of a group, typically expressed in attitude, habits and beliefs.
The ethos of WPF Hope Corps is: Conviction – Vision - Valor
These are the core values that will be pumped continually into our trainees.
Conviction – A knowledge and revelation of our distinct Apostolic doctrines and a heartfelt commitment to them as absolute truth. With a clear understanding of truth comes the conviction that what we believe is indeed Truth. 
Vision – A burden for a lost world and a desire to be sold out to the mission of service in the kingdom of God, not just for one year but for a lifetime. Vision includes the mission of the church and of the individual. With vision comes the ability to see all things through the perspective of the kingdom of God. Vision enables us to discern between the temporal and the eternal and to place our values upon the eternal.
Valor – Confidence and boldness to face any person anywhere without fear and with the calm assurance that our message is validated and proven and our feet are on the solid rock of Truth. 
The Conviction provided by knowledge and the Vision that will be implanted into a trainee, as well as the experience gained from practical exercises will produce a fearless, dedicated and excited young person of Valor.
Since Hope Corps was presented at PEAK in Tulsa we have received many requests for information from pastors and young people.
Hope Corps training has been designed to stay true to our ethos; to produce youth with Conviction, Vision and Valor. The Hope Corps young person will be able to stand alone and look the world in the eye and say, “I am an Apostolic! I believe in One God! The only plan of salvation is ‘Repent, be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost!’ My body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and I will keep it pure! I am not my own, I’ve been bought with a price and I will glorify God in my body and in my spirit!”
Hope Corps training will include 30 weeks of online education and seven days on location at Hope Camp for intensive training. The online education is offered through Apostolic School of Theology. It will include 6 courses. Each course is five weeks long. Each course is worth two credits that can be applied to an Associate’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree, and costs $125 per 5-week course for a total of $750. We recommend that the Hope Corps young person continue their online education from wherever they serve on short term missions. Online training begins October 4, 2010 and will be completed June 5, 2011. Hope Camp will be scheduled after the completion of the online classes. Registration for the Hope Corps AST classes must be completed by September 14, 2010. All courses must be paid for in advance of taking the course. It is recommended that the entire $750 be paid up front for all six courses in order to eliminate paperwork. If this is not possible the student must ensure that WPF receives payment by the deadline for each course in order to avoid being dropped. This means that the Hope Corps Application, the Pastor’s Hope Corps Recommendation, the $40 application fee and a minimum of $125 tuition for the first course  be sent to the following address before September 14, 2010:
WPF Hope Corps
2250 E 73rd ST STE 350
Tulsa, OK 74136-6898
Following the successful completion of their online training, the young person is qualified to attend Hope Camp – seven days of intensive training and practical experience. Hope Camp is tough, intense, spiritual, practical…and is not for sissies. The location and dates for Hope Camp will be announced before the end of the online training. The Hope Corps Facilitator, Global Missions and Youth Councils of the WPF will work together with home and foreign missionaries to provide a powerful, exciting and safe Hope Camp for the 2011 class of WPF Hope Corps. The 2010 Hope Camp was conducted in the Central American country of Belize with missionary Tim Joiner. While at Hope Camp 2010, Hope Corps participated in seven church services in four different locations and saw 17 people filled with the Holy Ghost!
After fulfilling the educational requirements of Hope Corps, the individual is ready to serve in short term missions. Their place and term of service would depend on the need as well as what the individual can afford. It might be one or two months in the Marshall Islands, six months in South America or a year in Europe. The young person in Hope Corps will be supported by self or family. They will be involved in reaching, teaching, working and learning. Their term of service will not be a vacation. There will be dangers. And there will be eternal benefits for the Hope Corps volunteer as well as for those who are saved as a result of their labor.
An information kit will be sent shortly to all WPF pastors and others who have asked for information. It will include a Hope Corps Application Form to be filled out by the applicant, a Confidential Pastor’s Questionnaire to be filled out by the pastor and a poster to be displayed in the church. These items are also available on the Hope Corps website at

The pastor’s participation in Hope Corps is absolutely essential. The pastor must give his approval and recommendation before any applicant will be considered. The pastor must also remain in contact with the applicant throughout the training process. Accountability of the Hope Corps individual is to their own pastor. The pastor must be in weekly contact with those from their church who serve overseas in Hope Corps.
The Apostolic church has a ready force of young people who are willing and able to fight the good fight and earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints. They have been empowered by the Holy Ghost. Let’s equip them and enable them to serve in Hope Corps.
Your servant in Christ,
Johnny King
Chairman, Global Missions
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